As seen in Aug. 1941


PitRoad no.W69

Scale 1:700 Water Line Series

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  Mutsuki 睦月"Month (moon) of First Rice-Sowing"

(Mutsuki-class of 12 units)

The ships of the Musuki-class were build under the 1923 program as improved Kamikaze-class type, (please see my model of Asakaze)  and also rated as minesweepers and minelayers. They were the first destroyers build with the deadly 24" Long Lance torpedoes. Although numbered at first, they were given names in 1928. Another innovation was the double curvature configuration of the bow, a feature which became a standard fitting in all later warships. In 1935-36 they were rearmed and had the bridge rebuild to withstand more hard punishment from the sometimes unfriendly sea (some of the ships were involved in the "4th. fleet incident" were a typhoon nearly sunk the ships at fleet-maneuvers on the 26 Sep.1935, with waves up to 18 meters high! and with the cost of 44 lives) After that also the torpedo mounts were enclosed and the funnel caps modified. In Musuki lifetime this very ship wore a spectacular camo-scheme in a few months of 1941 maybe for evaluation propose is uncertain? -but it was already gone in Sep. that same year. This class formed the 5th. and 6th. Destroyer Squadrons and none of them survived the hostilities. The majority were lost in the fierce battles waged in the vicinity of the Solomo Islands during 1942-43. Mutsuki career ended on 2 Aug.1942 when US B17 bombers hit and sank her 40 NM NE of San Isabel with 41 dead and 11 wounded.

Technical specification:

Launched 23. Jul. 1925 at Sasebo Dock Yard

Completed 25. Mar. 1926

Sunk: 2 Aug.1942

Reconstruction and rearmament: 1935-36, 1941-42

displacement: 1,926 tons 

length: 10.7 m

beam:  9.16 m

draught: 2.8 m

ship horse power: 38,500 shp.

speed : 33.5 knots

main guns 4 (4x1) 4,7" = 12.0 cm 

light guns 2x1 7.7 mm MG

2 - 25mm AA guns  = (1x2)

6 torpedoes (type 24"= 61 cm) in (2x3) mounts with 6 spare carried onboard

2 depth charge launchers (36 rounds)

16 mines carried.

crew: 150

Building the model of Mutsuki:

The building of the model kit was mostly straight forward as the quality of the Pit Road models is high. But I have to modify the signal-deck behind the bridge, also the third storeroom for the spare torpedoes were missing in the kit, but was easily build with styrene plastic and paper. Some of the doors on the superstructure were missing too, but Voyager PE-set filled the "gab". The support structure under the twin 25 mm AA was altered correct with surplus PE cut to fit. I used the following PE-set's from:

Tom's Model works:

#705 1/700 IJN railing (railing,  funnel caps and small items as wind detector on top at the masts.)

#721 1/700 IJN Destroyer set. (Very good! enough items for 3 DD if you have extra railing)

#749 1/700 IJN Yamato 25mm AA (single)

Lion Roar:

LE700054 1/700 ladders 

LE350003 1/350 ladders (for bridge windows)

LE700038 1/700 IJN anchors and chain + life rings etc.

LE700039 1/700 IJN Davits for small ships

LE700042 1/700 IJN 25mm AA (twin)


17 502 Edurard 1/700  figures


AP 044 1/700 IJN Watertight doors

+ few extra parts from "The surplus storeroom"

The scratch building on the kit is: 

To add from the text above: Forward davits as well as the (masts 0.5 and 0.3mm) and flagpoles. Cable drums was made of copper wire and styrene plastic. The Swan neck vents was made of medium size (1 mm) soldering lead (easy to form and cut).

This was a enjoyable model kit to assemble, with no hidden trouble along the way (the parts fits well) The only con's on this series is the poorly marked portholes on the hull -But I can highly recommend the Pit Road Destroyers to others, they cost a little more than the others IJN DD from the "Big four" , but are really the extra amount worth also because of the many small extra boats directors and various weapons included in the kit.

Many Kit "sell them selves" by the spectacular Box-art and in this case it was for me "a most have" Mr. M. Yoshihara has made a fine painting of the ship at anchor (maybe at Palu ?).  And I have tried to catch the clam a peacefully surroundings in my pictures above


Books form my own library :  

Japanese Naval Warship Photo Album Destroyers from Diamond Sha books.  

Ships of the world no. 453 History of Japanese Destroyers

Warships Japanese Navy, Navy destroyers 10. 1918 - 8. 1945 by YV Apalkov, PP Vasiliev

Japanese destroyers 1920-1945 by VV Ivanov

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Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945 by Hansgeorg Jentschura & Dieter Jung

Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1922-1946

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