As seen in 1937

Pit Road no.W42

Scale 1:700 Water Line Series

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KIJI(, "Pheasant")

(Otori class (of 8 units)

The ships of the Otori-class is a further development of the former Chidori-class (please see my models of Tomozuro and Hatsukari) they differ in armament and tonnage due to the heavily overweight before. The class of the ship was designed as Torpedo boats (coastal destroyers) but there main objective was escort duties through the war. This task was well for the boats as the class was potent and dangerous to any allied submarines that came in vicinity of the convoy they escorted, due to the intensive AS equipment she later carried as the war proceeds.

Kiji fought well through her carriers and fell victim to aerial attack several times but survived the war and after the hostilities ended she was overdrawn to reparatriation duties due to her long radius. At last in 1947 she was given to USSR and got re-named and rearmed.

Technical specification:

Build by Tama yard

Laid down: 24 Otc. 1935

Launch: 26 Jan. 1937

Completed: 31 Jun. 1937

Handed over to USSR: 1947

Displacement 840t standard, 945t trial, 1040t full load
Length 85m pp, 86.8m wl, 88.5m oa
Width 8.2m
Draught 2.76m
Machinery 2-shaft geared turbine, 2 boilers, 19,000shp
Speed 30.5kt
Armament 3-12cm/45cal gun (1x3), 1-40mm AA, 3-53cm TT (1x3)
Complement 113


Building the model of : Kiji

Here is not much to say beside small scratch building such as: the breech of the 5 inch guns, new masts, small vents and amour plating around bridge on Kiji. The boats have apparatus for mine sweeping both for the pacific, but also a flooding device (some sort of buoy stringed together in long lines to destroy flooding mines deployed by Chinese forces in coastal waters and rivers)  a part of the kits DP rack was altered to make these, and stored under the side of the stack. Pit Road model kits is always a joy to assemble, so no "hidden" surprises and it was refreshing to see a IJN warship in a different paint scheme.


Tom's Model works:

#705 1/700 IJN railing (railing, and other small items.)

Lion Roar:

LE700054 1/700 ladders 

LE350003 1/350 ladders (for bridge windows)


17 502 Edurard 1/700  IJN figures


AP 044 1/700 IJN Watertight doors

Fine moulds:

Metal mesh rectangle 0914


Books form my library :  

Japanese Naval Warship Photo Album Destroyers from Diamond Sha books.  


Ships of the world no. 453 History of Japanese Destroyers

Pictures, drawings

Model Art no. 25 Genealogy of Japanese Destroyers Part 2

Pictures, drawings, models and history

Mechanism of Japanese Warships #4: DDs

Pictures, drawings, and history

photo de

Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945 by Hansgeorg Jentschura & Dieter Jung

Pictures, drawings, and history



The building time was 20 days for two ships (KIJI & SAGI) 

June. 2009

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