IJN Escort Type C (HEI)


Early and late version


Pit-Road SkyWave no. W49

Scale 1:700 Water Line Series

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History of IJN Escort Type C:

The toll taken on merchant shipping by American submarines was becoming so heavy that it was decided to make escorts fourth in the priority list of warship building. The Type C, a simplified version of the Type B, was hurriedly designed in the spring of 1943. This design facilitated the use of mass production techniques. Much use was made of electric welding, and fittings and equipment were reduced to the bare essentials. The hull was of a very simple design having nether sheer nor camber. Although only 745 tons as opposed to the 940 tons of the Type B vessels, inferior engines reduced the speed of this class to 16,5 knots. The main armament was also reduced to from 3 to 2 -4.7 inch guns, but the depth charge capacity remained at 120. As soon as the design had been completed, 132 units were ordered with a projected building time of from 3 to 8 months. Building commenced in September 1943 and carried on until the termination of the war, only 42 vessels were build. 168 units projected under the 1944-45 program were never ordered. 


Technical specification:

Laid down from 1944

displacement: 745 tons

length: 67,50 m

beam:  8,40m

draught: 2,50m

ship horse power: 1,900 Shp. (2 diesel engines on 2 shafts)

speed : 16,5 knots

main guns  2 - 4,7 (2x1) 12 cm

AA light guns= 12-25mm  (2x2)+(2x3)+(2x1) 

1- 3inch trench mortar (ASW)

120 Type-94 Depth-Charges.

crew: 136


From the net:  

Ikari studio: http://www.tcn.ne.jp/~eguchi/kousaku/kaiboukan-02.htm

Mr. Jeff Lin model: http://blog.roodo.com/duroyal420/archives/2181464.html


 Japanese Naval Warship Photo Album Destroyers and Escorts from Diamond Sha books.  


The building time was approx 2.5 weeks.

June. 2007.

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