Queen Mary 2

As seen in 2009

Revell no. 05227

Revell Scale Award 2010

Scale 1:700 Full hull

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 Queen Mary 2

The kit from Revell

Let me say this first. This is a huge model kit! – The box is big and heavy. At first sight I thought this was in wrong scale. But no it is surely in scale 1/700! – If it’s not the biggest model kit ever in scale 1/700 – it most come close, as I can’t imagine that a nuclear carrier in full hull will surpass this massive plastic monster that span approx a half meter in length. Forget all about extra metal bars to give the model a more realistic feel. You just get all the plastic here

Queen Mary 2 is a famous ship. This is also shown in the released versions of the rather new ship, which already exists in scale 1/1200, 1/600, 1/400 and now also in the attractive scale known to many collectors for nearly 50 years - 1/700. Revell has not only produced the model in a new scale, they have totally remade the mould from their predecessors. It shows in the depth of detailing and authentic appearance this kit boost. We see details such as; well made cranes on the foredeck, spare propeller blades, balconies that we count in hundreds, “instruments” inside on the bridge, beautiful boats and davits.  The building “book” (please see below in links) is of 20 pages, well informative drawings and a fantastic easy to build process. The kit contains 323 parts mostly in white. Thanks’ Revell, Now we don’t need to paint the super structure in white paint! Two separate spurs include all the windows glassed facades as well as for the excursion boats. On top of this, the decal sheet has all the wanted details such as: Waterline decal, cheat lines, ship and company names, numbers for boats, deck games, flags and pool decals etc. If you just want to build the kit out for the box – you will get an attractive piece of contemporary ocean liner history.

Building the model

Now that you just had read the text above, you may think that I build the model from page 1 to 20 in the instruction…But no I couldn’t resist making some alterations and super detailing. There are of course limits to a model company’s realism craving to justify selling the kit in the price range of only 25 to 30 Euros – this is pure cost/benefits. And most be taking in to consideration when I will give the conclusion of this review later.

Let’s start from the bottom and up. When you start on the model, and glue the two halves of the hull together, start here after …as stated in the instruction… to paint and, when dry, here after attach the waterline decals….And not later as I did. Much easier I promise you ;-)

It’s a good thing that all the balconies and windows are open, but you will be able to see through the hull and out on the other side of the ship, if you not make some barrier inside the hull. Revell had made the model prepared for inside lighting, this is why all the windows are open.

The lower balconies get “inner walls” by sheets of white styrene plastic. On the upper super structure, the windows are blacked out by sheets of black carton cardboard. I used also thin surplus plastic sheets to resemble real glass in the cabin windows. Easy as you can work in many deck levels, with only one sheet of plastic and black carton cardboard.

Revell has chosen to not include the smoked glass barriers on the upper balconies, maybe due to the small scale as the other “glass” plastic parts will be too massive. I spent some days to overcome this problem, and tried to find some materials in shops with on luck. But as sometimes the idea came in the morning. Plastic foil intended to use for printing overheads. Make a drawing in Photo Shop with 50% of opacity, Whola!  Cut in slices, glued on by CA-super glue, one problem less.

The model has vast deck areas, so to give more life on board extra parts is a most. I tried to compensate this, by details made with lots of new sun beds and chairs etc.

Queen Mary 2 needed maintenance in Nov. 2008. The port of Hamburg had the dry dock in proper size. One of the alternations was the new permanent sun shade on deck 8, after. Luckily pictures show this feature, and I made mine of styrene plastic.

Beside PE-set’s from Lion Roar, GMM and Saemann, I was glad to use Eduard PE-set of passengers in scale 1/700 too.

On top of the model kit’s 321 parts, I added +900 parts in plastic and paper, 412 sun beds, add this to 375 passengers and +235 other PE-parts ….The total came to over 1830 parts. The building time lasted approx 2 month, and was enjoyable.


If you want references’ of the ship we are spoiled by thousand pictures on the net. One of the best are listed in the links below. If I shall mention a few, it will be Cunard magnificent website as well as flcker and wikipidia etc. There are some skilled modelers out there too, but due to the fact this release in scale 1/700 is new – none yet displayed on the global websites. A fact, which I think will soon change.

 Cunard website:


Beyond Ships website:


Flickr picture pools of the ship:


The best pictures of Queen Mary 2 by Telstar


 History of the ship & Technical data:


 Building instructions




When I have to sum it all up

This kit is over the average indeed. I will say one of the best to build, also due to the instructions. The richness of the details is overwhelming, when we have in mind this is scale 1/700. Revell has not jumped over the low fence, just to downscale their existing 1/400 mould –No this is new from the keel and up with lot’s of improving. I only experience some minor fit problem on the upper decks. Along a few fault in the parts, such as the way the rear companion way/stairs run left and not right (easy corrected if needed) add this to the front decal of cheat lines (black window lines) they fit poorly due to double curves on the big wave breaker. Revell has to my opinion left out some decals of wooden doors, and the ships IMO no. behind of the stack – I made mine by printed decal paper. Some of the parts are a bit thick, but this is not a severe problem, as the model is so huge. A feature that would have been nice was, if the kit comes in the option for waterline - In same style, as the known Japanese companies.


I will give this kit, 5 stars out of 6. If the small errors mention above was erased, this kit will get full stars from me. Said in other words, if you like civil ship in scale 1/700 you can’t miss this specimen.

Revell had made a fine model here – and in the right international scale – one can hope this is the beginning for Revell to make all the famous liners in this scale.

Aug. 2010

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