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Submarine Depot Ship Chogei 長鯨 (Long whale) sister ship Jingei

Technical specification:

Builder Mitsubishi naval yard, Nagasaki
Laid down Mar. 11 1922
Launch Mar. 24 1924
Complete Aug. 2 1942
Scrapped 1946-47
Displacement 8600t full load
Length 125.4m loa.
Width 17.15m
Draught 6.91m
Machinery 2-shaft geared turbine, 6 boilers, 7500shp
Speed 18. 47kt
Armament 4x14cm/50cal gun (2x2), 2x8cm/40cal AA gun (1x1), 2x 7.7mm-MGs (1x1), 1 aircraft (Alf)
Complement 399



(Part of her "Tabular Record of Movement" - loan from Combinedfleet . com)

11 March 1922:
Nagasaki. Laid down at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding.

24 March 1924:
Launched and named the Chogei ("Long Whale").

1 December 1924:
That same day, CHOGEI is rated a 5,160-ton Submarine Tender.

7 July 1937:The Marco Polo Bridge ("China") Incident:

Lugouqiao, China. Japanese troops on night maneuvers at the bridge fire blank cartridges. Chinese troops fire back, but do not cause injuries. At morning roll call, the Japanese discover a soldier missing and assume the Chinese captured him. They demand entry to a suburb of Beijing to look for the soldier, but the Chinese refuse. The Japanese then shell the city and an undeclared war on China begins.

31 December 1941:
CHOGEI arrives at Davao, Philippines. She is joined by SubRon 6's old minelaying submarines I-121, I-122, I-123 and I-124.

4 February 1942:
Davao. SubRon 6's mission is to protect the shipping route between Davao and Kendari, Celebes from American submarines. SubRon 6's operational area is in the Flores Sea and the Torres Strait N of Australia. Her subs lay minefields in the Torres Strait. CHOGEI services and repairs SubRon 6's submarines.

6 May 1942:
Iyo Nada. CHOGEI is in a collision with Cdr Nakamura Shozo's submarine I-53 (later I-153). There are no fatalities.

May-June 1942:
Kure. Undergoes repairs.

14 July 1942:
Kure. CHOGEI is the tender for the Kure Naval District's SubDiv's 6, 18 and 19.

2 November 1943:
Rabaul. 75 B-25s of the 5th Air Force's 3rd, 38th and 345th Bomb Groups, escorted by 70 P-38s raid airfields and Simpson Harbour. They sink stores ship MANKO MARU and damage CruDiv 5ís HAGURO and MYOKO, destroyer SHIRATSUYU, repair ship YAMABIKO MARU, stores ship HAYASAKI and minesweeper W-26. CHOGEI is damaged lightly by strafing.

CHOGEI's two single-mount 76-mm (3-inch) AA are landed and replaced by 18 Type 96 25-mm guns.

30 July 1945:
Ine, near Maizuru. Attacked by aircraft of British Vice Admiral (later Admiral) Sir Bernard J. Rawlings Task Force 37 and Vice Admiral (later Admiral) Marc A. Mitscher's Task Force 38. A bomb hit wrecks CHOGEI's bridge, but Captain Mizohata survives the attack.

2 September 1945: The Surrender of Japan:
CHOGEI 's bridge is repaired. She is used by the Repatriation Service to transport former Japanese troops and civilians back to the home islands.

5 October 1945:
Removed from the Navy List.

11 January 1946:
Departs Maizuru on her first of eight repatriation voyages.

15 August 1946:
Removed from service.

20 September 1946:
Mukaishima. The Hitachi Zosen shipyard begins scrapping CHOGEI which is not completed until 1947.

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Building the model:

PE-Set's used:

GMM IJN. Aux. ship (spec. Chogei)

Tom's model work's IJN. railing, Inclined ladders, vertical ladders

Lion Roar IJN. vertical ladders, perforated triangular supports, fairleads

Voyager IJN watertight doors


FineMould metal mesh (for windows and support on open boat)

Extra plastic part from the "Leviathan" spur:

Anchors, Gun rehearsal mechanism

I have used many new parts from metal wires: davits, masts, booms for boats and also anchor chains, flags wood boxes, barrels etc. Styrene plastic was used to make door on turrets, hosepipes and vents etc.


Books form the library :  

Japanese Naval Warship Photo Album Submarines and depot ships from Diamond Sha books.  


Reference: Picture

IJN Fleet Scale Model Photo Book


Reference: model pictures of Chogei in scale 1/200 1935


The building time was 2 weeks. 

May. 2009

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